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In July 2023, Sebastian Studnitzky travelled to Odesa* (Ukraine) to record 3 pieces of music with the Odesa Philharmonic Orchestra, coducted by Volodymyr Dikiylocal orchestra at the Odesa Philharmonic Hall.
The aim of the recording was to raise awareness and donations for the situation in Ukraine by releasing the songs and the accompanying music video (which shows a documentation of the trip, the recording and the situation in Odesa).

(*Ukrainian spelling with only one "s" is used)

Only a few days after the recording session, the Orthodox Cathedral in Odesa was severely damaged in a russian missile attack. The cathedral is located only a few blocks away from the philharmonic hall where the recording session took place.
Since then, there have been almost daily missile and drone attacks on Odesa.
This drama led to a further development of the original idea: instead of just generating attention with the release of the recording and the video, work is now underway to bring parts of the orchestra to Germany for some concerts in March 2024.


MEMENTO Tourposter IG Feed (1080 x 1350 px).png
MEMENTO Odesa - German Tour 2024

We are so happy that we managed to put this amazing tour together!

Get your tickets here!

MEMENTO Odesa - live in Odesa!

Here are some impressions of our sold out concert at Philharmonic Hall Odesa. It was the most beautiful concert of my life! Such a pleasure and honour to play for these brave and strong people!
Photos by Viktor Lazutin


Memento_Odesa_Pressepicture3_photo_by_Alina_Dichkova (web).jpg
MEMENTO Odesa - "Video (EPK)"

Here is a video about the project.

watch the whole video here!

MEMENTO Odesa - live in Odesa

On march 2nd we start the MEMENTO Odesa concert with a concert at philharmonic hall in Odesa.

Black_Dark_Tutorial_for_Healthy_Eating_New_Reels_Cover_Instagram (1)_edited.jpg
MEMENTO Odesa - "Team interview"

This are the amazing people from Odesa who helped me to realize this project: maestro Volodymyr Dikiy, who was such an inspiring partner to make my music bloom. @nastyasupernastya - who is my partner in crime, to push and organise and communicate all crazy projects that we come up with, @andrii_pokaz, the wonderful piano player and inspiring duo partner, @witsyk who was an important help to create the improvised orchestra recording studio and @leshafm, who helped a lot to organise and putting everything together.And @byolyapolyakova behind the camera

watch the whole video here!

MEMENTO Odesa - "Interview"

This Summer I travelled to Odesa, Ukraine, diving into a music project that was both eye-opening and surreal, between the constant daunting vibe of the war and the beauty and resilience of this city and its people. Air raid alerts were the norm. I welcome you to join me and to read more about this trip, and of course experience the final result, which are 3 pieces of music.

watch the whole video here!

MEMENTO Odesa - "Margolina"

This is a part of "Margolina". The first of the 3 pieces that we recorded this July in Odesa/Ukraine. I'm so in love how the Odesa Symphonic Orchestra, led by maestro Volodymyr Dikiy played my music and how concentrated and focused we worked together in these super tough times for them, that I can't even imagine in full scope.

watch the whole video here!

MEMENTO Odesa - "Margolina"

Here is the link for "Margolina" - the first single of the MEMENTO - ODESA project.

Listen to it on your favourite streaming platform!

The Team 1080x1920_edited.jpg
MEMENTO - "The Team"

This is the Odesa dream team that made this challenging project possible. We planned and did everything with super short preroll. Thanks to everybody who was part of it!!!

watch the whole video here!

The Recording 1080x1920_edited.jpg
MEMENTO - "The recording"

I am incredibly grateful for the concentrated and passionate performance delivered by these wonderful musicians. It was an emotional and touching experience for me. Maestro Volodymyr Dikiy proved to be an inspiring collaborator, helping the music truly blossom.

watch the whole video here!

The Rehearsal 1080x1920_edited.jpg
MEMENTO - "The rehearsal"

It was such a pleasure to work with the Odesa Symphonic Orchestra, led by maestro Volodymyr Dikiy. We rehearsed and recorded 3 songs in a very focused and emotional atmosphere.

watch the whole video here!

The Orchestra_edited.jpg
MEMENTO - "The Orchestra"

It was such a pleasure to work with the Odesa Symphonic Orchestra, led by maestro Volodymyr Dikiy.
Now we are also trying to bring the orchestra to Germany in March. If you have capabilities to support this challenging project please contact us! Stay tuned!

watch the whole video here!

The Hall_edited.jpg
MEMENTO - "The philharmonic hall"

We did an unforgettable recording session at the Odesa Philharmonic Hall. Originally built as stockmarket in the late 19th century, it was turned into a concert hall later. The vibe was fascinating and you'll sense it in the recordings.

watch the whole video here!

Partners in crime 1080x1920_edited.jpg
MEMENTO - "Partner in crime"

Despite the challenges, we made the journey, together with my friend and partner in crime Anastasiia Pokaz, who moved from Ukraine to Berlin last year, and since then is an important member of our XJAZZ! team and driving force for every challenging projects.

watch the whole video here!

photo_2023-11-23 23.24.48.jpeg
MEMENTO - "Odesa"

This Summer I travelled to Odesa, Ukraine, diving into a music project that was both eye-opening and surreal, between the constant daunting vibe of the war and the beauty and resilience of this city and its people. Air raid alerts were the norm. My ukrainian friends didn’t even react to it anymore. I welcome you to join me and to read more about this trip soon.

watch the whole video here!

Bildschirmfoto 2023-10-19 um 09.36_edite
STUDNITZKY & Andrii Pokaz

Andrii Pokaz & Sebastian Studnitzky live at OPUS jazz club Budapest

watch the whole video here!





Trumpet & piano player, composer, music arranger from Berlin, Germany. His music is a fusion of Jazz, Electronica and Neo-Classical. Studnitzky has succeeded in combining virtuoso yet unassuming piano playing with his unique vocal-sounding trumpet style to create light and compelling grooves, delivering strikingly emotional melodies with beautiful clarity. In his inimitable music not a single note is superfluous. It is detailed, minimalistic and transparent, yet it displays an emotional depth which is uniquely personal.

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